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A Year of “Firsts”

2014-2015  is a year of “Firsts” for Brock ISD; first football game in the new stadium, first UIL football district competition, first football homecoming, and the first opportunity of a possible football post season berth.  It is certainly easy to overlook another “First”.  Though small in number, The Mighty Eagle Marching Band made its debut this season and, not surprisingly, has produced a show using a series of intricate diagonal movements that lends itself to higher scores at UIL marching competitions, and thus UIL Lone Star Cup points.  According to Corey Daniel, Band Director, “It’s an exciting time: the students are excited, the parents are excited.  It is a fun time to be at Brock.  We feel we are putting a quality product on the field.”  The Brock ISD looks forward to many more performances at half time from these amazing students. 


Continuing a Tradition of Excellence

The Brock ISD earned 6th place in the Lone Star Cup this year.  This is the sixth year in a row that the district has earned a spot of 6th place or higher having received the coveted Lone Star Cup championship trophy twice.  With two new programs at Brock High School that are a part of the Lone Star Cup competition, football and band hope to contribute to the school’s Lone Star Cup success in 2014-2015.  The future looks bright for Brock ISD!  Click here for the final 2013-2014 Lone Star Cup results.

Raising Money for MDA

The first week of school, all three campuses at Brock ISD raised money through “Hat Day” to bail our beloved school administration from Jail; MDA jail that is.  Student and teachers alike contributed to the cause and wore hats to raise awareness for the debilitating disease that affects millions.  In doing so, the Brock ISD raised over $1000 to donate to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Congratulations to all of our students and staff for doing their part to help find a cure for MDA!

Sports Schedule Quick Link

For the convenience of our supporters, we have now added a link to all our current sports schedules on the right hand side of the webpage under Quick Links.  Each sport will still use their pages for more indepth information, but the added link will allow for quick access to their schedules.  


BISD Dress Code 2014-2015 

Brock ISD has adopted the attached dress code policy effective the 2014-2015 school year.  A few of the highlights are as follows:

ü The minimum length of any garment, regardless of what it is called, must be no shorter than three (3) inches above the knee.

ü Cut-outs or holes in pants/shorts or slits in skirts may not be more than (3) inches above the knee.

ü Form-fitting/skin tight pants, such as leggings, yoga pants, and tights, must be covered with a top/shorts reaching no higher than (3) inches above the knee.

ü Leggings/tights may not substitute as pants.

ü Shirts must cover to the point of the shoulder.

ü No half-length, tank top, strapless, backless, cut-off, halter, or bare-midriff shirts/blouses shall be worn.

ü No sheer or see-through garments will be permitted unless worn over a shirt that meets dress code guidelines.

ü Shirts must have appropriate coverage of undergarments. Undergarments must be completely covered at all times.

For the complete version of the newly adopted dress code, please click below.

BISD Dress Code 2014-2015


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Mission Statement

It is the purpose and mission of Brock ISD to provide all students with an educational program that will allow them to develop to their full potential intellectually, physically, and socially in order to be responsible citizens and contributing members of society.  Inherent within this purpose and mission are the beliefs that all students can learn and that the school, the home and the community can make a difference in the lives of its students.