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Brock ISD
410 Eagle Spirit Ln
Brock, TX 76087
(817) 594-7642
Fax (817) 599-3246
High School 817-596-7425
Junior High 817-594-3195
Elementary 817-594-8017


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General Information
2013-2014 District Calendar

2014-2015 District Calendar

2011-2012 AEIS and AYP Summary

Brock ISD District Map

Cafeteria Services

2013-2014 District Improvement Plan

Dress Code

Facility Use Guidelines and Application

Parental Involvement

Parent Portal Online Gradebook System

2013-2014 Student Handbook

2013-2014 Student Handbook Signature Forms

2013-2014 Student Transfer Application

Parent Education & Resources
10 Things Parents Need to Know by Debbie Silver

Brock ISD Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Plan

Bullying Power Point Presentation

Cyber Safety Power Point Presentation