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Student Registration


Brock ISD is now registering new and returning students for the 2021-2022 school year!  Schedule pick-up and campus visit dates will be announced in July.

New Student Registration Overview

New & Returning Student Registration

Registration FAQ:

What proof of residency documents are accepted?

June or July 2021, water or electric bills showing usage and physical address.

What if we’re building? 

Builder contracts with an estimated date of completion will be accepted if the time of completion is within the fall 2021 semester. Construction that is not “dried in” by October 2021 will be subject to unenrollment. BISD will conduct regular visual checks to ensure construction is on track to meet requirements.

Where and how do I submit proof of residency?

Proof of residency should be submitted for each student after July 19th in person on campuses or by emailing campuses: 

Proof of residency must be submitted in order to receive student schedules and teacher assignments.

Does Brock ISD take transfer students residing outside of the school district?

Per local policy Brock ISD does not accept enrollment of students living outside the school district unless they are the children of a school district employee.