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Remote Learning

BISD Remote Learning Academy

 TEA outlined two approved types of remote instruction:

Remote Synchronous Instruction (for grades 3-12 only)– Two-way, real-time/live, virtual instruction between teachers and students when students are not on campus. In this method, the required amount of instructional time is scheduled each day, and funding is generated when attendance is recorded daily at a locally selected snapshot time. Synchronous instruction is provided through a computer or other electronic device or over the phone. The instructional method must address the required curriculum, per TEC, §28.002.

Remote Asynchronous Instruction (for grades PreK-12) – Instruction that does not require having the instructor and student engagement at the same time. In this method, students learn from instruction that is not necessarily being delivered in-person or in real-time. This type of instruction may include various forms of digital and online learning, such as prerecorded video lessons or game-based learning tasks that students complete on their own, and pre-assigned work and formative assessments made available to students on paper. The instructional method must address the required curriculum, per TEC, §28.002.

BISD’s Remote Learning Academy is a fully remote asynchronous option with synchronous opportunities for students PK-12. The Remote Academy options allow students to stay enrolled at their home campus while taking courses remotely. By staying enrolled at the home campus, students remain connected to their teachers and peers, and the return to school is seamless; all coursework and credits transfer back without complication.

  • Under the Remote Learning Academy model, BISD would provide instruction for students in grades PreK-12. This means online, intermittent teacher instruction. Teachers will provide guided support during normal school hours.

  • Remote Instruction involves pre-recorded instruction, some real-time/live virtual instruction for small groups & intervention, and depending on the classroom, some live instruction.

  • Parents have the choice to select the BISD Remote Learning Academy (even if school facilities are open).

  • Registration for the BISD Remote Learning Academy is located on the BISD website

  • A Brock ISD student is considered enrolled in BISD for attendance and funding purposes and would be eligible to participate in all extracurricular activities and sports per UIL guidelines. Students participating in all UIL and extracurricular activities are required to attend all practices before and after school as well as, the assigned period during the school day.

  • Student grading policies under both models will be consistent with the grading policies used before COVID-19 for on-campus assignments. The 2020 Spring Grading Guidelines, which we developed during our March-May 2020 closure, are now void and will not be used for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Remote Academy courses will follow the same grading policy and attendance policies as the courses in the In-Person model. Designated remote academy courses will count in GPA calculation and class rank.

  • Brock ISD students choosing the remote learning model shall meet with a designated representative to review guidance and expectations for remote learning. Students, parents, and a district representative must sign a Remote Agreement acknowledging federal, state, and BISD guidelines.

  • Parents/students may be required to pick up classroom assignments and return assignments as needed. Assignments may be picked up and returned to the campus front office.

  • State, District, and Classroom Testing: Students may be asked to be present on campus or at a designated clean zone for scheduled testing. Designated areas will be sanitized and district health guidelines will be followed in order to protect students when needed to be present on campuses.

  • Students will be required to schedule times to meet with facilitators for state-mandated activities as the district schedules them. Examples: FitnessGram, ASVAB, CPR training, and other state-mandated requirements.

  • Remote Learning w/Some Required On-Site Learning OR Remote Learners Required to Attend Course on Campus: TEA has designated specific courses that may require a remote learner to be present on campus for instructional purposes. Some designated courses may require a portion of the course to be completed on-campus. Students will be provided with a schedule that includes the appropriate amount of on-campus instruction needed to meet the TEKS and award course credit. 


A single learning platform is used for all classes – SeeSaw for PK-2, and Google Classroom for 3 - 12. Tech support is available to troubleshoot student access issues. Chromebooks and Hot Spots (for internet access) are available for students upon request.


Students are able to enroll in the Remote Learning Academy program at any point in the semester but are required to stay in the program until the end of the grading period. Any parent/student wishing to change their instructional platform must notify the district two weeks prior to the next grading period.

Classes, Curriculum and Attendance

For all grade levels and classes in the BISD Remote Learning Academy program, the curriculum addresses the state’s required standards.

In accordance with TEA guidelines addressing attendance and remote learning, students are required to engage each day in one of the following ways in order to be counted present for the school day:

-interacting with the teacher

-engaging in independent work in the learning platform (assignments in Seesaw or Google)

-daily completion/turning in assignments

  • Teachers will provide students with a schedule that gives a general idea of how often the teacher and student will meet virtually, how often the class may meet synchronously and when summative assessments are likely to be scheduled. Summative assessments may require the student to be present on campus in the district. 

Pre-K – 5th Grade Remote Model

Grades 6-12th Grade Remote Model