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Back to School FAQs

Newly added FAQs 7/20/2020

Can students choose remote learning and still particpate in extracurricular actiovities?

Yes, if they are choosing the remote learning and want to participate in athletics or any extracurricular activities they will be required to be at all practices (during the period and after school).

Newly added FAQs 7/18/2020

Responses from Parent COVID Survey 

  • 709 responses
    • 79.3% planning on face to face instruction
    • 16.9% concered and considering remote learning
    • 3.8% have significant concerns and will choose remote learning


Newly added FAQs 7/17/2020

When will school supply lists be available?

Information about school supplies is coming soon


When will plans for Meet the Teacher and schedule pick-ups be announced?

This information is coming soon


Can I walk my student in on the first day of school?

BISD is working on a schedule that will address the first day of school routines. Please follow campus social media pages and websites for updates. 


Can I opt out of a mask for my student?

Students’ individual needs will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Requests for accommodations should be submitted to campus administration.


Do I need to register if I want face to face? 

Registration is now open for all students. You may find the registration link on the BISD website,  Once you have completed the registration process for the 2020-2021 school year, no additional registration is required for face to face instruction.


How are cases counted on the health and safety phase sheet?

Cases are counted as all-district, students and staff testing positive will be included in this number.


I registered my child for in-person last month, shouId I have received an email or a notification saying it went through?

A confirmation notification is displayed once you have completed the registration process. This page will allow you to print the confirmation. You will not receive an email notification. If you are unsure about the completion, you may contact Pam Cox or your child’s campus front office. 


Can I change my mind on my child’s learning model during the school year?

Yes, parents may change their child’s learning model each six weeks. Please contact your campus administrator with questions or concerns regarding moving to a different model. 


Mask requirement for kids under 10?

Per order GA 29, “every person in Texas shall wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when inside a commercial entity or other building or space open to the public, or when in an outdoor public space, wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing from another person not in the same household; provided, however, that this face-covering requirement does not apply to the any person younger than 10 years of age.


What are required of face coverings? Can it be a shield?

Anything that covers the face is acceptable, face shields included.


COVID Health & Safety FAQs

Are students and staff required to wear masks? If so, what kind of face mask is best? 

  • At this time, students and staff will be required to wear masks per Governor Abbott’s Executive order GA-29. Should the Governor’s order be lifted, BISD will resume in-person instruction at level Green with face coverings as parent choice.
  • Attached here are the CDC guidelines regarding cloth face coverings. Feel free to provide your child a face covering that suits the needs of your child. 

What are the testing availability/protocols for students/staff with covid symptoms how to prevent manipulating temp checks (using medicine) if only done once/week?

  • Per TEA guidelines: “School systems must require teachers and staff to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before coming onto campus each day. Regularly performing a forehead temperature check of otherwise asymptomatic students in school is not recommended.”

What about class size will it be reduced? How will social distancing take place in classrooms? 

  • Desks or tables will be socially distanced as much as instructionally possible. The use of outdoor space for learning will be considered when possible.

Plexiglass between student desks or in the cafeteria?

  • At this time, there will be no plexiglass on students desks or cafeteria tables. Plexiglass is being added in the front office area as well as at the cafeteria cashier stations.

Can we do it safely, for kids and teachers, and maintain the social and human connections so vital to quality learning? 

  • Teachers and administrators are looking at all options in order to ensure that kids and teachers can continue to maintain relationships that are an essential part of the educational process.

Child’s social emotional well being- what are we doing to address the social and emotional concerns that COVID has created for kids and staff? 

  • Counselors have met and will continue to meet regarding ways we can ensure the social and emotional welfare of kids is at the forefront. We are partnering with Texas Recovering Together as a step in the process to ensure the needs of our children, families and community are addressed.

Is it possible for students to bring their own cleaning supplies to wipe down desks in between classes? 

  • Due to potential allergic reactions to chemicals in various cleaning products, BISD will provide every classroom with cleaning supplies for ongoing use throughout the day. 

How often will desks/hallways be cleaned? 

  • Each campus will facilitate a schedule of cleaning for all areas of the campus throughout the day.

What about school supplies? Will each student have their own individual supplies? 

  • Limiting the use of shared supplies at school is highly recommended. Students are encouraged to bring their own supplies.

How will bus routes work?   Will my child also be socially distant on the school bus?

  • Bus routes will continue as normal. Bus drivers will wear face coverings and hand sanitizer will be encouraged upon entry and exit of the bus. Buses will be disinfected after each trip, with increased focus on high-touch surfaces such as bus seats, steering wheels, knobs, and railing. Having windows open during the transport of students is recommended as available. Bus drivers will allow for as much social distancing as possible.

Will my child be able to sit next to his/her friends at lunch?  Play at Recess? Attend specials?

  • Yes, as campus appropriate, kids will continue to participate in Recess, PE, and Specials rotations. Campuses will consider limiting the number of students per recess group. Staggered schedules can be utilized when needed.  All students and staff will be required to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer before entering the playground and upon exiting the playground. PE - will follow the same guidelines as UIL. PE/Specials classes will be held outside to allow for maximum physical distance between students. Activities bringing students into close physical contact will be avoided. Equipment will be disinfected after each use. Sanitizing areas and access to handwashing/hand sanitizer will be provided.

 Can I come in and eat with my child? 

  • At this time, visitors will not be allowed on campus. 

How will my child be able to access water if the fountains are turned off?

  • Students will be encouraged to bring water bottles that have a no touch mouth lid.  Each campus will set specific guidelines regarding water bottle expectations.

Instructional FAQs

What if I do not know what option I will choose for my child prior to July 27, 2020?

  • The date of July 27 is requested in order to allow the District to prepare and plan accordingly for the upcoming school year.  Registration will remain open and parents will be able to complete the survey until August 3, 2020.

Will Brock ISD provide a hybrid model of instruction for students? 

  • At this time, Brock ISD is providing two options for learning in the fall: Traditional in-person model and a remote model. 

If my child becomes infected with COVID-19 or has to quarantine during the school year, do I have to enroll him in the Remote Learning Academy program? 

  • No. Students who are enrolled in on campus, face-to-face learning who then need to stay home for an illness or in order to quarantine are not considered BISD remote Learning Academy students unless they choose to enroll in the program and commit to staying in the program until the end of the semester. These students, instead, stay enrolled with their current campus teachers and engage in remote learning from home (to the extent possible, given their health situation). 

I keep hearing “synchronous” and “asynchronous”? What do these terms mean? 

  • Synchronous instruction means two-way, real-time, live remote instruction between teachers and students, through web-conferencing or a similar electronic means. Synchronous remote learning requires all participants to be present at the same time, remotely. For example -- a teacher and her students meet online together in Google Meets at 10:45 AM on Tuesday morning for a 30-minute instructional experience. 
  • Asynchronous instruction does not require having the instructor and student engaged at the same time. This mode is a curricular experience where students engage in the learning materials on their own time. It does not require all participants to be remotely present at the same time.  For example -- a teacher records instruction in a video and uploads the video and a practice assignment document in Google; students access the video when they are ready to engage in the lesson, and they access the assignment document once they’ve learned the content in the video. 

Will teachers who are teaching a full load of courses be the same ones trying to support my student who is learning remotely in the BISD remote Learning Academy program? 

  • Students who enroll in the BISD remote Learning Academy program will be assigned, in most cases, a teacher(s) from the student’s current grade level or subject area.  Teachers will provide a schedule with times for check in, small group instruction and intervention.  It is possible in some instances (e.g., in low enrollment courses or grades) that a teacher will be asked to add a BISD remote Learning Academy student to the in-person class. We will be mindful of these cases and plan ways to provide additional support to teachers and students. Caseload managers will be assigned to all secondary students (7-12) in effort to help students manage assignments and provide support.

Why are we requiring students to show engagement or progress every day in classes when they’ve elected a remote learning program? 

  • The Texas Education Agency requires that for students to be marked present, they must be “engaged” in learning. “Engaged” is identified as any of the following: (1) progress in the Learning Management System (SeeSaw and Google) that day, (2) progress from teacher/student interactions that day, or (3) turning in assignments that day. 

Do students in this program work at their own pace, or do they follow the day to day bell schedule? 

  • Students who are enrolled in the BISD Remote Learning Academy program are assigned a full schedule of classes with courses designated as specific periods of the day. On any given day, BISD Remote Learning Academy students may be working independently on follow-up or practice assignments, or in some instances, they may be receiving “live,” synchronous instruction through a video conferencing app. Students may also be asked to sign in at the time that corresponds to the schedule for small group instruction (e.g., my Geometry class meets 3rd period at 11:25 AM). 

Will my child who is an English Learner enrolled in the ESL program be able to participate in the Remote Learning Academy options for grades PreK-12?

  • Yes, English Learners will have equal access to the same opportunities to participate in the Remote Learning Academies for grade PreK-12.  The district will ensure, to the greatest extent possible, each English learner can be provided language program services commensurate with the student’s English language proficiency level. 

Will students with disabilities, served through Special Education, be able to participate in the BISD remote Learning Academy program for grades PreK-12?

  • Yes, students with disabilities served through Special Education will have equal access to the BISD Remote Learning Academy option for grades PreK-12.  The District ensures to the greatest extent possible, that each student with an IEP (individual education plan) will receive instructional services (including related services) to meet the unique needs of the student as documented in their IEP.

How will the District handle accommodations provided through special education or 504 for students in remote instruction? 

  • To ensure we are meeting the needs of our students remotely, campus administration will hold an ARD meeting or a 504 meeting to discuss and address needed accommodations for students who are receiving remote instruction and require related services.

Can my student participate in extracurricular activities if he is enrolled in the BISD Remote Learning Academy program?

  • Yes.  The BISD Remote Learning Academy program is designed for students and families with health and safety concerns related to returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This program will provide students the ability to maintain a rigorous course schedule while maximizing social distancing.  Students in the BISD Remote Learning Academy program are able to participate in Brock ISD sponsored extracurricular activities.  The district will continue to monitor and follow state and UIL Guidelines.

What will grading look like for students who have selected remote instruction?

  • Grading for the remote model will follow the same policy as courses in the in-person model. For high school courses, grades will be calculated in the student’s GPA and class rank. 

 Will my child still have the opportunity to participate in Career and Technical Education Classes?

  • Career and Technical Education courses will be provided through remote instruction or a combination of remote and on-campus instruction.  Some designated CTE courses may require a portion of the course to be completed on-campus.  Students will be provided a schedule that includes the appropriate amount of on-campus instruction needed to meet the TEKS and award course credit.